Wednesday, March 21, 2012

She Burned Me.

I have been toying with this image for about a month now. It's the header for my tumblr page and it may be a print in the somewhat near future.

New Flash Page!!!

Pretty birds.

My version of Wonder Woman. . . .

Via Facebook, I saw a cute picture of a father and daughter both dressed as Wonder Woman. I was set on that being my next halloween costume. Unfortunately, my daughter vetoed that idea because she felt it was . . . unsuitable.

I hate drawing hands!!

I have not focused on a hand study for years and so I thought, what a great way to frustrate myself than embark on a set of tattoo flash consisting of nothing but hand images. Yikes! wish me lots of luck.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The beginnings of a snail-mail art operation.

A sweet old fashioned notion. . . The beginnings of a snail-mail art, Tag team operation with a fellow illustrator. This is my contribution and now it's en route to be manipulated, tampered with, doctored up and hopefully beautified.

Cyan as Superheroine . . .

There was a period in my young daughter's life, that she loved superheroes. We would often play pretend and create perilous scenarios, fighting a slew of creatures and evil-doers who were up to no good.

Cyan- age 5

Sketch of my daughter Cyan while she was visiting during the holidays. I wish I could draw her on a daily basis. The days are filled with inspiration when she is around. Yep, I miss my little muse.

It's all glossed over and sugar sweet.

Eye candy- Bright and bold, high contrast Something that is visually attractive or pleasing to look at.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eye candy!!

The goal is to make the image pop off the surface and attract the viewer from the distance. High contrast in value, color and line weight is the process to make this desired effect. I think I am getting the hang out, piece by piece.

Character Assassination finished . .

I finished up the last of the character assassination pieces. I plan on taking a few of these characters and developing them over time. A number of the characters ignited some interesting narratives that I would like to explore in the near future . . . now on to the next project.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rose City Revisited . . .

Missing the Rose city a lil' bit and I decided to visit some of my illustrations from
what could have been the worst year of my life (so far)- 2009.
I agree with the saying- everything looks better from far away.

Is that a wet cat or . . .

just a dead rat? The second illustration for my upcoming doodle book.
I will be putting together twenty four more of these illustrations.
The art is based off of poems, after thoughts and other self-indulgent artsy crap.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Old skool

I found this in the vault. I am thinking this is about five or six years old and still as poignant for me as it was when I first created it. Often I stumble across these old drawing with a bit of detachment, but this piece is definitely fun for me as the first day I made it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Prequel to the Phoenix series . . .

Hopefully the first of many, I have been inspired to create a series of women like bird, phoenix creatures . . . I'm enjoying how the images have translated from my mind onto the paper.

Illustration from The Road . . .

I have been obsessed with this story ever since I read the book. I had to add a little of my own creativity to this story, so one late night I created this sketch from a still of the movie. I think I got the obsession out of my system . . . maybe . . .

A little blast from the past . . .

I'm not one to showcase a dead horse, but this is an oldie but goodie. Visited a close friend in Ca, who still displayed this painting of mine which now dates about ten years plus old. Still looking sharp and clean. I just let the nostalgia wash over me and took it for what its worth.

Zombie PIn-up!

I think it may be safe to say, that there are few images as sexy as a flesh eating, undead, zombie pin up girl. Tattoo design for an old friend of mine. I really had fun with this piece.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cut and Past fun time!

Digital collage has become my new pastime and I am having fun with this new avenue of picture making. Thank you google, I appreciate the wealth of free images. It's obvious that I am no Rauschenberg, but remixing a new world with found images and creating these surreal scenes has been quite enjoyable.

Dead tree head.

Sauvie Island. Dead tree on the beach and at the trunk of this tree I saw this creature. Sitting on the beach I gave birth to this little character in my daughter's sketch book. I originally set out to draw a landscape.

The Keno slips continue . . .

Hitting the half way mark on these creations. I am still full of inspiration for this project and I am eagerly awaiting to see these characters amongst their whole family. Unfortunately, I think I maybe a little sad when it is all over. Fearing the separation anxiety.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

" We dip our scarves in iron."


Sometimes escape is the key to happiness. I excel in this department.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We all bleed green.

Vote red or blue but it all seems to wash out into a dull and dirty green. I think the system we have created is slowly killing our colors one hue at a time, keeping us numb, useless, dangling like dead limbs.
A drawing of my five year old daughter working diligently in her sketch book. Apparently my apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Cut it off with a C-clamp.

It's far from a fairy tale, so keeping that item on your sleeve may not be in your best interest. Best to keep it concealed, some place safe and only share it with someone worthy. Just remember where you hide it, because you wouldn't want to lose this item. It's too important to misplace.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Have you met Charles?

He had some interesting ideas and a way with words. I never could decided whether he was trying to make me feel better in times of sorrow or he was just telling his hard luck stories to keep me from whining about my life. Either way, I am truly grateful. Thanks Charles.

She told me about this dream . . .

. . . she had, where I was killed in a building accident. I told her it was only a dream and that there's no reason to be concerned because I will never become a construction worker. She said that as long as I don't get fired from this Art thing, I won't ever become a builder so she won't worry.
Like Dumbo, I work for peanuts, or so it can feel that way and this three ring circus gets old and monotonous.

The keno slip creations are gaining momentum and I am producing more every week. My aim is to display about thirty to forty of these creations in August. I hope there will be a nice amount of dark, odd and silly characters to showcase. I am having fun with this.